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An Educational Guide to a Bachelor’s in Robotic Engineering - from Maryville University
Acroname Robotics - technologies and products

Active Media Robots - mobile robots

Aerosonde - global robotic observation system

Android™ Based Robotics: Powerful, Flexible and Inexpensive Robots for Hobbyists, Educators, Students and Researchers - from Cognitive Anteater Robotics Laboratory

Alltronics LLC - Electronic surplus

Android World - site devoted to anthropomorphic robots

Asociacion Espanola de Robotica

Association for Robotics in Hazardous Environments (RHE)

Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI)

Australian Robotics and Automation Association

Autonomous Underground Mining Project

Autonomous Underground Mining Project

Battle Robot Building Tips

Bot Brain - educational robots

Bradford Robotic Telescope

British Automation Robotics Association

Burdick Research Group - Caltech at Caltech.

Center for Automation, Robotics, and Distributed Intelligence

Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy

Carnegie Mellon Robotics Institute

Center for Robotics and Embedded Systems (CRES) - an interdisciplinary organized research unit (ORU) in the USC School of Engineering.

Centibots - very large-scale robot teams

Computer Science and Engineering Laboratory, University of Oulu

Computational Semiotic Group - Object Network toolkit

Computational Semiotic Group - publications

Connecticut Robotics Society

Cooperative Research Centre for Mining Technology and Equipment (CMTE)

Computers, Robotics and Artists Society of Houston [CRASH]

CRC Press - Robotics titles

Dallas Personal Robotics Group (DPRG)

Distributed Intelligence Laboratory - founded in August of 2002 by Prof. Lynne E. Parker

Electronic Goldmine - components

EURON - European Robotics Research Network.

Exact Dynamics - The Assistive Robotic Manipulator (or short ARM), which is also known as Manus, is a 6+2 DOF robot which assists disabled people with a severe handicap at their upper limbs

Robot Aided Feng Shui

Field Robotics - Robotics Institute Research Guide

Future Technologies: Robotics Into the 21st Century - from quicktag

Gleason Research - supplier of MIT Handy Board, the inexpensive Handy Cricket, and the powerful Super Cricket.

H B Robotics

History and Future of Rehabilitation Robotics

History of Laboratory Robotics

History of Robotic Surgery

History of Robots - from Science Kids

Images Scientific Instruments - Science, Robotics and Electronics: Your DIY source for information and supplies for science related projects and kits

Institute of Robotics Research (IRF) - a central scientific institution of the University of Dortmund.

Intelligent Robotics Group - Aberystwyth, University of Wales

Intelligent Robotics Research Centre - Department of Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering, Monash University, Victoria 3800 Australia

The Finch Robot - a robot designed for Computer Science Education

Jameco Robots Store

Japan Industrial Robot Association

JOKER Robotics - develop, manufacture, and distribute controllers and mobile robot systems for research and education.

KASPAR (Kinesics and Synchronisation in Personal Assistant Robots) - University of Hertfordshire

Korea Institute of Science and Technology - KISTi

Lynxmotion Robotics - intelligently designed, precision engineered robot kits and components.

Map Building with Mobile Robots - Shane O'Sullivan

Map Building with Radar and Motion Sensors for Automated Highway Vehicle Navigation - from Carnegie-Mellon

MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory - MOBOT Group

The Future of Military Robots

Mobile Robotics Laboratory - Centre for Intelligent Machines on the 4th floor of McConnell Engineering Building, Room 416 (within 418), McGill University.

MOBILE ROBOTICS RESEARCH GROUP - Part of the Institute of Perception, Action, and Behaviour, Division of Informatics, University of Edinburgh. - Resource for motion control devices

Multi-Disciplinary Robotics Club - Rochester Institute of Technology

Multi-cue Vision, Novel Architectures, High Integrity Concepts for Dependable Robots - from University of York

Nashua Robot Builders Club [NRB]

NEX Robotics - robot kits and parts

Parallax, Inc. - components for building robots

Parametric Technology Corp - PTC, the Product Development Company

Parallax, Inc. - components for building robots

Parts of a Robot

Penn Engineering - fasteners

Pon Tech - motor controllers

Portland Area Robotics Society

Ridge Soft - Robotics Hardware, Software and Curriculum for Your Classroom


Robotics and Remote Systems Division of the American Nuclear Society

Robotics Society of Southern California (RSSC)

Robotic Mapping - Good Experimental Methodologies for Robotic Mapping: A Proposal

Robotic Telescopes - The Components of a Robotic Telescope System


Robotic Hand - how to make a working model

Robot Mapping: Automate Robotic Mapping System

Robot Mapping: Proactive 3D Robotic Mapping using a RGB-D Sensor

Robot Timeline - Robotic History - from RobotWorx

The Robotics Platform - from Clemson University

Robotics - Building the Ultimate Computer - from

Robotics Institute - at Carnegie-Mellon

Robotics Maintenance: Robotics application in maintenance and repair

Robotics on Line - e-Newsletters

Robotics Research at USC - Creators of Legs

Robotics Society in Finland - Suomen Automaation Tuki Oy

Robotics Research Group - Department of Engineering Science, University of Oxford.

Robotics Research Group, U. Texas - canned corn about history of robotics

Robotics Research Group (RRG) - at The University of Texas at Austin, Mechanical Engineering Department.

Robotuna - modeling real fish - from MIT

Robots Net - latest news of robotics

Robust Visual Navigation from Multiple Visual Cues - by Nick Pears and Bojian Liang

Seattle Robotics Society (SRS)

Singapore Industrial Automation Association

SIRI - Associazione Italiana di Robotica

Small Parts - The Hardware Store for Researchers and Developers

Society of Robots - robotics tutorial

Solarbotics - The Beam Robotics Resource

Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville - Robotics home page

Stepper Motor System Basics

Stepper Motor Dynamic Analyzer - from Euclid Research

Stepping motor control - University of Iowa

Superdroid - robot parts

SWIRA - Swedish Industrial Robot Association

TEAMBOTICA - A Robotic framework for integrated teaming, tasking, networking and control

Thermo Electron Corporation - robotic arms and laboratory automation (formerly CRS Robotics) - proteomics, peptide synthesizing and King Fisher protein purification.

Topological mapping with sensing-limited robots

Triangle Amateur Robotics (TAR)

Trossen Robotics - robotic kits and parts, RFID, and Arduino & Seeeduino Microcontrollers

Tungsten and Robotics, an article by author Vanessa Lebeau, an educational outreach writer, mentor and mineralogist.

Twin Cities Robotics Group (TCRG)

Yobotics! - Creators of Legs



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